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Yokogawa PH4F Yokogawa HF-Resistant pH Sensor PH4F

Yokogawa PH4P Yokogawa Polymer Electrolyte pH Sensor PH4P

Yokogawa PH4F Yokogawa HF-Resistant pH Sensor PH4F

Yokogawa PH4F Yokogawa HF-Resistant pH Sensor PH4F

01. Overview of Yokogawa PH4F Yokogawa HF-Resistant pH Sensor PH4F

PH4F HF-Resistant pH Sensor

  • The special sensing membrane allows measurement of solutions or drainage containing hydrofluoric acid.
  • With polymer used as the inner solution, the liquid junction is large (1.0 mm to 1.5 mm), and there are 2 single pores, which prevent clogging.

02. Specifications of Yokogawa PH4F Yokogawa HF-Resistant pH Sensor PH4F

Measuring range pH 2 to 11
High limit of HF strength When pH2, maximum 500 ppm
When pH3, maximum 1000 ppm
When pH4, maximum 10000 ppm
When pH5 over, there is no high limit
Measuring temperature 0 to 80℃
Measuring pressure Atmospheric pressure to 1.6 MPa (Temperature 25℃)
Atmospheric pressure to 600 kPa (Temperature 100℃)
Internal electrolyte Polymer electrolyte including KCl
Resistance temperature detector None (Manual temperature compensation on the converter or transmitter) (Use adapter with temperature sensor SA405 for application where temperature varies)
Liquid junction Aperture form, 2 single pores
Head form S8 (Use cable for S8 or S7)
Wetted part material Body; Glass
O-ring; Fluororubber (FPM) or Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)
Adapter; Stainless steel (SUS316), Polypropylene or Rigid polyvinyl chloride
Applicable holder Flow-through holder (PH8HF), Submersion holder (PH8HS)(An option adapter is needed, but not needed when using the adapter with temperature sensor SA405). Ultrasonic cleaning is not available. Use a holder with jet cleaning equipment when automatic cleaning is necessary.

03. Applications of Yokogawa PH4F Yokogawa HF-Resistant pH Sensor PH4F

  • the severe environment such as chemistry, the petrochemistry
  • The sugar manufacture, dye, industrial waste water, the paper manufacture
  • Solutions, drainage containing hydrofluoric acid

04. Selection Guide for Yokogawa PH4/OR4 Sensor Series: 

PH4/OR4 Sensor Series allows pH/ORP measurement under severe conditions, such as where the process fluid is heavily contaminated or contains sulfide. PH4/OR4 Sensor Series meets the simple apparatus requirements.

Yokogawa PH4P Polymer Electrolyte pH Sensor PH4P
Yokogawa PH4PT Polymer Electrolyte pH Sensor PH4PT with RTD
(resistance temperature detector)
Yokogawa OR4P Polymer Electrolyte ORP Sensor OR4P
Yokogawa PH4F HF-Resistant pH Sensor PH4F
Yokogawa PH4FT HF-Resistant pH Sensor PH4FT with RTD
(resistance temperature detector)
Yokogawa PH4C pH sensor PH4C for Chemical Process
Yokogawa PH4CT pH sensor PH4CT for Chemical Process with RTD
(resistance temperature detector)
Yokogawa OR4C ORP sensor OR4C for Chemical Process
Yokogawa PH4FE pH sensor PH4FE for Fermentation

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