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All-in-One pH ORP (REDOX) Sensor Yokogawa FU20 FU24 PH20

All-in-One pH ORP (REDOX) Sensor Yokogawa FU20 FU24 PH20

All-in-One pH ORP (REDOX) Sensor Yokogawa FU20 FU24 PH20

All-in-One pH ORP (REDOX) Sensor Yokogawa FU20 FU24 PH20 

01. Overview of All-in-One pH ORP (REDOX) Sensor Yokogawa FU20 FU24 PH20 

The PH20, FU20 and FU24 all-in-one sensors show how Yokogawa applies the motto “Simple is best” to sensor technology. These sensors feature four separate elements (pH, reference, temperature, ORP) allowing for simultaneous measurement of pH and ORP is possible with one sensor in a rugged Ryton or PVDF (FU20), Ryton (FU24) or PVDF (PH20). The integral or vario-pin cable comes number-coded cable along with the integral NPT threads on the sensor makes installation convenient. The Quick Release Adapters for the FU20 allow easy removal of the sensor for cleaning and calibration.


02. Which sensor is right for you?

There are now FIVE different wide body sensor designs available to choose from.

Please use the charts below to help guide in you in the proper selection of which version is best for your application.

All-in-One pH ORP (REDOX) Sensor Yokogawa FU20 FU24 PH20


03. FEATURES of All-in-One pH ORP (REDOX) Sensor Yokogawa FU20 FU24 PH20 

  • Avaiable as analog and digital SMART sensors (SENCOM)
  • Solid Platinum ORP/LE electrode for accurate simultaneous pH and ORP measurements.
  • Integral Pt1000 element for accurate temperature measurements and enhanced pH accuracy
  • Double junction and long diffusional path for reference pollution/poisoning resistance
  • Saturated Ag/AgCl reference system with double junction combined with polymerized saturated KCl and ion-trap prolong the life of the reference probe even in chemically unfavorable environments.
  • Extended life time by large volume of polymerized electrolyte and porous PTFE diaphragm
  • Cation Differentail reference system avaiable in the FU20 foor enlongated life
  • Variopin connector or integrated cable options
  • Simple maintenance by comprehensive design
  • Versatile Direct in-line, immersion, off-line installation (flow fitting) and retractable Hot-tap (avaibale with use of the FU20 only)
  • Quick-Release adapter available for the FU20
  • Calibration certificate delivered with each sensor
  • Patented pressure compensation in the PH20 and FU24
  • Available in two versions, a robust dome shape model for applications with a limited amount of solids, and a flat surface model for applications in which solids are a considerable component

04. Selection Guide for Yokogawa pH and ORP Analyzers


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